Eurozone Crisis ''odious dept'' and default of payments issue thumbnail

Eurozone Crisis ''odious dept'' and default of payments

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Συγγραφείς: Yannis Tolios
ISBN: 978-960-499-059-7
Ημερομηνία: 21/11/2012
Eurozone Crisis ''odious dept'' and default of payments
7,90 €
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The present monograph attempts to explore sovereign debt causes, aspects and consequences, as well as different ‘narrations’ of its confrontation. It also touches other theoretical issues of the crisis, while evaluating dominant national and supranational policies in a critical manner. Due to particularity of the issue, there has been an effort to combine scientific consideration and popularized presentation of the subject in a relatively limited number of pages, so that the book is not only easy to read, but also ‘reachable’ to the average citizen. It also provides a mass of data and arguments to fend propagandistic ‘stereotypes’ by the government and the ‘Troika’ and to give rise to the need for an alternative ‘exit strategy’ from the crisis.
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