Karma and the Previous Life of Famous Personalities issue thumbnail

Karma and the Previous Life of Famous Personalities

Εκδότης: AKAKIA Publications
Συγγραφείς: Aggil Loupescou
ISBN: 978-1-909884-55-7
Ημερομηνία: 28/5/2014
Karma and the Previous Life of Famous Personalities
6,20 €
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"The metaphysical system of Karma suggests a generalised application of the law of cause and effect through which we try to explain the paradox of a well-intending person facing hardship in life while another, even a badly-meaning person, appears to be leading an easy life. This is the destiny we create for ourselves, as a result of the judgment of our acts in our present and past lives. We experience the consequences of our past lives but this does not imply an irreversible sentence for the rest of our life because karma is not a law of punishment. It is indicative of the love of the creator towards his creation, us. This is because it allows us to set ourselves free from our past, set a new course to our lives and partake in the cosmic perfection. Seen that way, knowledge of the past lives of certain people might prove particularly useful, so that we can either emulate them or steer away from the mistakes that have cost them dearly. "
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