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Monyno Vol.3 The White Light of Love

Εκδότης: AKAKIA Publications
Συγγραφείς: Van Gras
ISBN: 978-1-908362-21-6
Ημερομηνία: 17/10/2013
Monyno Vol.3 The White Light of Love
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Ethics is always at the cross hairs of the ‘civilized ones’. Thus, here, too, all the Monynos are at stake because of others’ interests. How shall they handle their last moments? Which will the impact of love be? The story of Monyno and his eventful gang, who defy the wear and tear of the world and make ethics their guiding principle. They offer to all of us, children, youth and adults, the best ideas for a change in our lives, at many levels. In our character, our conduct, education, saving up and love relations. So that true kindness and friendship may enter the heart of every person.
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