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The Adventures of a Beekeeper

Εκδότης: AKAKIA Publications
Συγγραφείς: Dimitris Karakousis
ISBN: 978-1-909550-68-1
Ημερομηνία: 29/10/2013
The Adventures of a Beekeeper
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My preoccupation with apiculture brought me face-to-face with many multifarious experiences. Specifically, during my first years as a new apiarist, I lived through various facetious moments that moved me and remained engraved on my mind. I have decided, therefore, to put down some of these memories on paper and convey them to the readership. Moreover, through these self-contained stories in this book, you will get a glimpse of the laborious work that an apiarist must put in to get in a good quantity of honey as well as the risks he is called occasionally to take. It is also worth noting that considerable effort has been made to present pictorially the beautiful world of bees through my experience of these unique moments.
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