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Εκδότης: Τουμπής Μιχάλης Α.Ε.
Συγγραφείς: Δημήτρης Ανανιάδης
Ημερομηνία: 4/12/2015
6,99 €
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Its beauty is of a measured Aegean order, and a perfect example of its kind. The narrow streets which rise and fall like music are paved with sea pebbles, and criss-crossed with little inter-communicating alleys. Their width is enough to accommodate two mules abreast, but no car can enter them... White cube-shaped houses that crown the small closed port and clamber up towards the Acropolis: the first view is magical, reminiscent of a Cycladic island. You will not find medieval gates and Grand Masters’ palaces here. Lindos has its own special beauty and history and its own fanatical faithful. Lindos preserves the aura of other eras. Its rich past is revealed at every step: when enjoying the sunset from the Acropolis, gazing at the town from the Tomb of Kleoboulos, straddling the threshold of a captain’s house, listening to the Lindians telling you stories from the days when Onassis would moor his yacht here. The preserved settlement has managed to maintain its architectural individuality. The white houses with the flat roofs and the pebble-stone lanes have remained unchanged over the centuries.
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